Enzymatic Spray Cleaner

//Enzymatic Spray Cleaner

Enzymatic Spray Cleaner

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Enzymatic spray cleaner ENZ-ODOURS HR6 by Arrow Solutions utilizes natural enzymes to digest organic material, remove stains and mask unpleasant odours

• Size: 750ml
• Ideal for both hard and soft surfaces
• Highly effective stain remover and fresh vanilla scented odour remover
• Ready-to-use solution (mixing not required) comes with a handy trigger-spray

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Typical Uses
• Eliminates odours from carpets, upholstery,  wooden surfaces & more
• Cleans carpet, upholstery, dog beds, litter boxes, cat trees, crates, and laundry
• Also cleans hard wooden floors, concrete, kitchen counters, ovens, and more
• Can be used at home, in hotels, nursing homes, pubs, restaurants, offices, vehicles & more
• Excellent for masking and controlling odours from waste bins
• Helps extend the life of your carpet and fabric with a professional-grade
• Prevents blocking and helps cleaning out drains and also in removing foul odours with regular use
• Effective control of the odour of urine from around toilets and from the misuse of public areas such as stairwells and car parks
• Tackles source of malodours ingrained into fabric seating & carpets in cars & even public service vehicles such as buses, train and others

How does it work?
• The natural enzymes digest the organic material that are responsible for creating stale and unpleasant odours
• Solution formulated to eat away odor-causing bacteria caused by urine, vomit, milk, and organic odours / stains
• Once applied the enzymes continue to digest waste providing effective long-term odour control